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We all know how hard it is to choose a phone mount these days, so many options, so many types and qualities, price ranges, and decisions to make, it’s no longer easy to just grab one and drive.

To make things easier for you to choose your ideal car mount, we decided to tell you a little bit about the advantages and disadvantages of each car mount so you can find the one that fits you the most.



Magnetic Dashboard Mount


When it comes to using the magnetic mount, some love the simplicity of it all, just stick and go, no need to adjust the sides, no grips, no cradles, no muss no fuss, just place the metal plate between your phone and your case or on the case itself and you are good to go. It is that easy. It’s great for drivers that don’t want to waste time in taking their phone in and out the mount and placing the holder front and center on the dashboard or the windshield is the perfect solution.


If you don’t want to place the metal plate on your phone & cover and you use a lot of rental cars or change your car often, you better check other options. The suction cup is meant to stay in one location for a long time, once it sticks it stays on and uninstalling it over and over again will reduce the effectivity its functionality and with the metal plate, wireless charging does not work, that is why our advice is going with an air vent mount which is easily removable and can be installed in almost every car type and still allows you to wirelessly charge your phone (at least with the non-magnetic ones).


CD slot phone mount

CD 9087


The universal CD mount is a great choice if you have a CD player you no longer use, which, let’s face it, most of us don’t. It is also the best option if you are not a fan of magnetic mounts and you don’t like to block your air vents. Using that “dead space” in your car for mounting your phone is the ultimate hands-free solution, it doesn’t block your view of the road and utilizes a part of the car that is essentially useless these days and is in the center of the car. It is sturdy, fits almost all CD slots and is universal to every cell phone in the market, including the new big ones, as the cradle expands down and to the sides to fit every size.


The downside to the CD mount is the location, in some cars, the radio, navigation system or the car controls are right under the CD slot and putting a holder there will block a part of your access to these important car utilities, so our suggestion is the windshield non-magnetic mount that does not take any space in your interior and is easily assembled.


Magnetic Air Vent Mounts

AV 12

The “snap and go” magnetic mounts are perfect for those who are always on a rush, no time to waste on clicking on buttons or grips to release your phone from the holder and they have a huge advantage of size and design, since they are meant to be placed on the air vent, they cannot be bulky or too big, they are small, elegant, adjustable and still leave you with enough space to feel the air conditioning in both winter and summer plus there is an added bonus of no assembly required, which is a huge benefit when all you want to do is to be able to snap the mount on and off the vent easily.


If you live in a location with extreme weather conditions where it might get really hot or really cold, you would most likely try to find a mounting solution that doesn’t take up one of your air vents year-round. It also tricky sometimes to find the perfect fit for your vents, as every car is a little bit different and even with 2 adjustable grips, not all air vent mounts fit your specific needs, for that we can offer you the CM17, a magnetic interior mount that is both compact and easy to use, without having to compromise on either looks or location.


Magnetic Interior Mount

CM 17

Most new models come with a curved dashboard, no CD player and small air vents. For those reasons (and more) we found the best solution when all else fails, the small magnetic mount is built with a powerful force to hold even the biggest of phones and can be placed almost anywhere in your car interior without blocking anything. Its size is also beneficial when you are looking for something discreet and do not want to draw too much attention to your car.  


Not everyone likes to place a metal plate on their phone or cover, sometimes due to aesthetic reasons, but still need a solution that fit their specific car needs that is why we suggest going with the non-magnetic mount that does not take any space in your interior and is easily assembled.


Air Vent Mount

AV 100

The air vent mount is a great solution to drivers that have a curved dashboard and no CD player in their cars. It is easy to install, fits most air vents styles and adjustable to fit all cell phone sizes. It comes with 2 grip that connects to the vents for a secure hold and it’s perfect if you just don’t like the magnetic mounts. It is built to carry heavy phones, even with cases and it does not block your air flows completely.


The main disadvantage of the air vent mount is the location, for some people, the air vents are the most important feature of the car (although, most cars come with at least 2 or more) so if you are best friends with your AC, we probably should go in a different route. Another thing is the spring, some people don’t like to mess around with the mount to adjust their phone inside the handle and want a quick exit, for them, I would suggest the magnetic mounts that require no installation and simply click and go.


Still not sure what is your best fit? Send us an email with your car’s interior to support@bestrix.com and we will help you find the perfect match.

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