January 16, 2019 1 min read

Whitney tilson

(Image by valuewalk.com)

In an article at valuewalk.com and a wide-span email, American investor, finance expert, author and philanthropist Whitney Tilson recommends Besrix’s products as must-have items as he discusses car safety and the obvious benefits of using a car phone holder.

If you don’t have a phone holder in your car (and also travel with one when you’re renting a car), you’re making a big mistake – it’s SUPER UNSAFE to hold your phone when following Google Maps (or, heaven forbid, doing anything else) while you’re driving.”

This is where Bestrix comes into play, with a wide variety of products to fit every car with a mount for the dashboard, interior, air vents or cd player.

Tilson’s favorite product is the AV100 the ultimate air vent mount that comes in Black, Grey & Orange.

Check out the full article in the link below



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