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We live in the golden age of technology and everything we can possibly want or need is at the tip of our fingers, quite literally when it comes to smartphones.

It is not difficult to understand why most people find it hard to disconnect from their phones even for a short drive, after all the outside world keeps on going and we need to be updated on the spot.

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Even as drivers we NEED our phones next to us, can you even remember the last time you drove anywhere without your GPS app? No one is asking for directions anymore when you have everything connected to your phone with all the most up to date traffic reports, police alerts and best routs to take.

That being said, it is easy to forget that our phones are in front of us, just to help us drive and not to be bothered with changing a song on your playlist or answering that never-ending group chat with your work friends. Yes, you know it’s dangerous but you are super careful and you are standing in a red light anyway.

That is what most drivers keep on telling themselves when they answer a text or pick up their phone because the speaker isn’t clear enough and they HAVE TO take the call.

These days, every call is an emergency and no one likes to wait on an unanswered text but, the risks are just too high to ignore and even though almost every state has a “No Texting” law there are still 1.6 million cell-phone related car accidents each year and the majority of 74% of the drivers are adults, so it seems that not only teenagers can’t leave their phones alone.

You already know the numbers, you hear the news every day, 1 out 4 car accidents are cell-phone related and despite the hefty fines and the points taken from your license, most drivers rather “risk it” than being offline.

Since July 1st, 2018 the state of Georgia became a “Hands-Free” state, where you can’t drive and hold your phone for any reason whatsoever. No calls, no text and hopefully, no accidents too.

With the increase of accidents rising by 390,000 in the last year alone, 93% of drivers agree that it’s time to change the “No Texting” law to “Hands Free” and rule out the temptation all at once and according to local news, it seems that Arizona is going next in line after a group in Southern Arizona is now working to legislate the rest of the state after a successful trial-run of a “Hands Free” ordinance in the city of Tucson. In the state of Illinois being caught driving and texting can not only get you fined but you can also get your license suspended. Ouch!

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So what can we do to avoid getting into nasty accidents at worst or being slapped with a hefty fine at best? The answer is “Hands-Free” devices. From Bluetooth to Car Mounts, the options are wide with tons of cool gadgets to keep you online and safe at the same time.

• In-Car Speakerphones allow you to listen to music and converse conveniently, most come with extra microphone (or two) and speakers that you can place in various locations in your car and take the call without even touching the answer button.
• Bluetooth Car Kits come in various forms, shapes and sizes and allow you to connect your phone and/or your GPS wirelessly to your car so that you could answer calls, listen to traffic directions and even voice-activated texting (depending on the quality of the system and the synchronization with your smartphone).
• Cellphone Holders & Car Mounts are the most useful accessories of them all, because they allow you to actually see your phone and not just listen to it. The car mounts usually connect to either the dashboard/windshield or your AC air vents, some mounts are utilizing your old CD player and they all have one thing in common: they keep your phone in eye-level so that you can drive safely, hands-free and still use your phone without having to manually operate it. The mounts include a holder, in most cases a universal one that fits most smartphones in the market, and they present the ultimate control. This type of product should be considered carefully as quality is key to make sure that your phone is safely secure and can handle the urban jungle along with some bumpy roads.

Now that you know what’s in stake and you have a few solutions on the tip of your fingers no excuses will be heard, it’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s only a matter of time before your state will become “Hands Free” as well.

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