August 13, 2018 3 min read

 Why magnetic phone mount?

The most important thing about a phone mount is stability and with four super-strong magnets and a silicon-based suction cup, your phone ain't going nowhere!

Our phones are our most prized possessions and we need to keep them safe. After trying a lot of different mounts, BesTrix customers often say that they can feel how strong the magnetic pull is and it fits every smartphone in the market! no adapters are needed.

Each magnetic car mount comes with two different sized metal plates that you may place between your phone and your case or on the case itself and let physics do all the rest.

Magnetic phone mount bestrix


Let's talk specifics, here are some of the features highlighted by thousands of happy drivers:


  • It's all about the looks! The BesTrix Magnetic Phone Mount is Elegant, eye-pleasing and has a highly ergonomic design, making it easy to install and use.
  • Movement and angles are key with an easily rotatable device making it convenient to adjust and rotate your phone as per your requirement and preference.
  • One-Size-Fits-All - unlike clothes who can never really fit all, the magnetic car mount is not about the size of your phone as all devices up to 6" can fit with an open space arm that connects to your phone with the help of the trusty metal plates.
  • Heavy lifting? no problem! with each new ultra-thin phone design, the heavier the cases get, but worry not, we've got you covered! just place the metal plate on the outside of your case and hold on tight.
  • The urban jungle can get bumpy at times and with 4 magnetic forces and a suction cup for extra hold, your phone will get the ultimate grip, just try not to run any red lights.
  • Quality first! Made with an eco-friendly ABS plastic and oil-free silicone suction cup, the magnetic mount makes sure that you get a sleek high-quality product.



It’s more than just a phone mount

Keeping it safe is important but let’s face it, not everyone is doing it with style.

The BesTrix Magnetic Car Mount is a cool gadget on all its own, dyed in metallic black and shines in a glossy look from top to bottom, you'll have all your friends asking where did you get it from.

We understand the importance of convenience and safety first but we add a little something extra in the lux department so you could show-off your new elegant mount and still keep it accessible.

The mount will match your luxury car or upgrade your daily drive into something a little posher and if you really want to expand its use, try using it in the office as a phone holder on your desk, that will surely spice things up for you.


The phone mount for people on the go

Whether you are an Uber driver or in sales you know that time is money and no one likes to fidget around and struggle with a holder to release their phones. with a unique design, the BesTrix Magnetic Car Mount allows you to snap the phone out and continue about your day. You need to rush back into your car and continue driving? - no problem! just snap it back into place and keep on going. no effort, just science.

The mount is designed to be 100% adjustable, it will not block your view, it can be shifted to other locations on your dashboard to blend in with the rest of your car, it takes minimum space and you can unhook it at any point in order to change the position.

Need to refresh the suction cup? wash it with warm water and it will be as good as new, even in hot and moist locations and it is completely environment-friendly.

Beware of knockoffs!

We at BesTrix invest time and resources to make sure our customers receive the very best product on the market. Please make sure you only buy the BesTrix Magnetic Car Mount from authorized sellers and official shops, the quality of the product will be noticeable immediately.

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